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Welcome to the *KA* home page

Welcome to the webpage of the *KA* guild

Posted on Friday, August 22

No Special day occuring in Eternal lands atm.

Posted by lyndy on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 (20:11:03) (5817 reads)

The Intended Ethic of our guild Knight Alliance

KNIGHTS: I believe should be honourable, defend the weak.. give succour to the sick and injured, protect the young (and women if its me :D)

ALLIANCE: I believe we should all stand together. If we disagree with another within the guild, there should be no acrimony if the disagreement is not settled in our own favour. In disagreements with other players/guilds, we should stand with our own - even if we do not agree with our own guildies actions totally.

Above all, if a matter comes up that any Knight feels that the GM has acted unfairly upon, that Knight is free to express opinion and to ask that the matter be discussed in a general meeting.

If all abide with the above statements then there are NO rules.......


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Posted by elg3neral on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 (17:16:44) (2452 reads)

Alliance Combat Rules and Guidelines.

Anyone that brakes the rules or acts in a unhonourable way. WILL be discussed by the guild masters and possibly kicked from the Alliance.

The Knight Alliance is and will be an honorable guild. As such, The Knights are expected to act honorably and respectfully in all aspects of the game, including in PK. While game rules have an "anything goes" approach, such an approach does not necessarily meld with an honorable approach to the game and in keeping with the ethics of the Alliance.

The laws below will not cover every situation in which the Knights find themselves, and members are encouraged and expected to use good common sense when faced with novel situations, always erring on the side of honor and respect. No rule can be written to address every situation, and if a person thinks long enough, most rules can be sidestepped. It is the intent of the Alliance that the spirit of these laws as well as the letter are observed and followed. Violations of the spirit or letter of these laws may result in a member's immediate expulsion from the Alliance.


With regard to PK, our guild allows the use of a BroD in only one specific instance, and even then, the use is not looked upon favorably. If a Knight gets BroD'd or is attempted to be BroD'd by another player, their guild will be notified. If acceptable measures aren't taken by that guild, the guild will be redtagged.It's allowed to use an BroD'd on redtag'd guilds. The right to BroD does not mean that the Alliance thinks it is a good thing to do, we leave that to individual choice. This same rule also applies to the use of golden star maces, sunbreakers of destruction, and Knights use of a "fake brod"/branch (which is also restricted by the rules above).


Knight Alliance has no rules against the use of a BoD in any combat other than a Fair Fight and, obviously, PvP. In our view, the BoD is simply a special weapon that does special damage, not unlike a JSOC, OSMN, or RoD. The differrence is that it can be defended against by simply putting on a red cape. To quote a respected EL community member, Korrode: "all BoD does is kill ppl, which is the point of PK."

Unarmed Players, Monster Trainers, PvP'rs, etc.

While PK is PK and whoever comes on a PK map takes their chances, Knights looks disfavorably upon killing unarmed hydro runners and other similar situations in which lower level players are in a PK area unarmed. There is no honor in killing the defenseless. Opponents should be ready for PK combat. DO NOT attack if they are PvP training. It is up to the individual's discretion whether to attack monster trainers in PK areas.

Opponents are considered ready for combat if they are (1) holding a weapon AND (2) wearing armor (wearing a CoL with no other armor is not considered "wearing armor"). "Weapon" is generally considered anything more lethal than a Ti long. Archers are ready for combat if they have a bow and/or arrows equipped. Summoners are generally ready for combat when they are wearing a summoner's cape, but the Knights must use their discretion wisely in determining whether an unarmed person persents a summoning, dis catch, or engineering threat. If you are concerned about the motivation of an unarmed person in a PK area, politely ask them to leave the area immediately or you will consider them a threat. If, within a reasonable amount of time, they are not making efforts to leave the area, you may, at your discretion, dispose of the possible threat.

Exceptions to this Law is if they are known (published on EL forum) scammers, bagjumpers, spawn serpers, and outlaws, if they are red or brown tagged, or if you have previously posted them (at least one day prior to the PK) on this forum as a personal enemy.

Fair Fights

The Knights must respect requests for fair fights, or FFs. In general, this means that if you are engaged in a FF, you do not use magic (except restoration) or summon or catch the flee of the person you are fighting. The goal is an assessment of strength not a PK. If you don't like that goal, don't agree to a FF. Likewise, if you are not involved directly in the FF, you must not attempt to interfere with the goal of the FF by catching dis's, summoning, etc. If the participants stay in the PK area after disengaging, ask if the FF is over, and if it is, you may then engage at your discretion and in accordance with the other PK Laws.

1 vs. 1 Fights

1 vs. 1 fights are unlike FFs in that the goal is for one of the participants to PK the other. The difference between 1 vs. 1 and regular PK is that the 2 participants have publicly requested that no one interfere in the fight. The Knights will respect the request for 1 vs. 1 fights. This means they will not interfere with a 1 vs. 1 unless one person involved violates the rules of a 1 vs. 1. Make sure these rules have been publicly agreed to before the fight begins--even if you are not a participant so that you know if the rules have been violated. If you are a participant in the 1 vs. 1, make sure the rules are publicly defined up front so that both participants have the same expectations and so observers will understand the agreement.

Fair Fights and 1 v 1 fights should be announced in GM to avoid confusion.

Any EL community member who believes a Knight has violated these Laws should contact
Elg3neral, Aredhel, Zathras, Ladyblue, Bud or Lyndy in game or post violations on this forum.

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